Turns Out White House Press Corps Journalists Are Both Left Wing and a Bunch of Petty Thieves

The White House press corps has been embroiled in a scandal involving the theft of memorabilia from Air Force One, according to a recent Politico report.

The article, published in the “West Wing Playbook,” shed light on the long-standing practice of journalists and others quietly pocketing items bearing the Air Force One insignia as souvenirs.

Kelly O’Donnell, the president of the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) and an NBC correspondent, sent an off-the-record email to members of the press corps, urging them to cease this behavior. The existence of this email was confirmed by several WHCA members.

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One reporter recounted their first flight on the presidential plane, during which a fellow correspondent encouraged them to take a glass, stating, “Everyone does it.”

The Politico article also revealed that the thievery was not limited to reporters, with lawmakers traveling with the president also partaking in the practice.

“There’s one about the senator in the front of the plane who — as a chatty aide told reporters — was taking everything not bolted down,” the article reported.

The crew of Air Force One has recently taken notice of the missing items, prompting O’Donnell’s warning after an inventory check on February 5th revealed several items missing from the press cabin.

Brie Moore, the former director of press advance, offered a discreet way for those in possession of the items to return them quietly.

This serves as a glaring example of the unprofessional and out-of-touch behavior displayed by the White House press corps.

The fact that such thefts have become commonplace among journalists tasked with covering the president is deeply concerning and undermines even further the integrity of their profession.

If these thefts continue, it may be necessary to take drastic measures, such as banning all reporters from Air Force One or subjecting them to polygraph tests to ensure the security and sanctity of the presidential plane.

The White House officials’ stance on the matter, while not seeking to embarrass the reporters, illustrates the seriousness of the issue and the need for immediate action to put an end to this chronic grift.

The White House press corps must take a hard look at itself and reevaluate its standards of conduct.

Engaging in petty theft, regardless of the perceived value of the items, is unacceptable and further tarnishes the reputation of an already disreputable profession.

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It is time for journalists to hold themselves accountable and demonstrate the professionalism and integrity expected of those entrusted with covering the highest office in the land.